See & hear what our clients are saying about us...

"This month we are going to do the best revenue in the last 20 years [...] because the team is performing well, is motivated, and is inspired. This is the result of using the core purpose and the core values to motivate the team"
Mathieu France
Founder & CEO of Mediafield
"Working with Xavier created clarity on our development plan and gave us the confidence that the next step in our growth was meeting our values - that it was not a rush-forward where we courageously jump into the unknow."
Benoit Racquet
Co-founder of BE Chocolat
"Through insightful questioning you helped us go deeper to provide insights into our business and helped us pull on certain threads that would be the most effective to grow quickly."
Jennifer Sauvageau
CEO and Co-founder of Noteworthy Chocolate
"Your coaching has made us more disciplined. With the plans that we’ve co-created, our team is able to make decisions objectively based on our strategic roadmap."
Kelley Sirico
Co-founder and CEO of Bee Local Marketing
"You're like the map-maker. Here's the road, here's the map, here is how to get there. This is what I would tell people who are considering working with you; you're someone that will come in without any judgement, just looking to help them."
Michael Sauvageau
COO and Co-founder of Noteworthy Chocolate
"I reached a point where I had enough products, but needed to work more on the client side; how to keep my clients and to add clients... I was going in different directions and Xavier helped me focus on what's important."
Dina Glore
Owner of Petit Chou NY