Business Coaching

Helping Your Company Grow, Faster

The path to growth can be challenging, but it should not be painful. Let us help your leadership team identify and remove roadblocks. Together, we architect a growth strategy and set it in motion through clear, actionable priorities and quarterly goals. An action plan is created to make it happen – and we continuously hold you and your team accountable.

As a result you will be able to:

  • Predictably grow your business
  • Develop a strategy and detailed execution plan
  • Create a culture of accountability

Growth Breakthrough Program

Annual strategic planning workshops
2 - day workshop

  • Core ideology (core purpose, core values, core customers, SWOT)
  • Long-term vision and medium-term goals
  • Execution planning and next quarter priorities

Monthly accountability workshops
0.5 - day workshop and 1:1 coaching with the CEO (1 hour)
  • Hold people accountable on quarterly priorities
  • Course correction when needed

Quarterly prioritization sessions
0.5 - to 1 - day workshop – Prioritization & strategy
  • Review of priorities to reach the annual goals
  • Tools to learn and build a stronger operating system to support strategic goals
  • Execution planning

Four-Week Growth Workshop

Week 1: 7 Attributes & Foundations

  • Introduction
  • Core Values
  • Core Purpose
  • SWOT

Week 2: Finalizing Your Cores
  • Core Customer
  • Brand Promise
  • Talent & Leadership Assessment

Week 3: Long-Term Strategy
  • Your Big Hairy Audacious Long-Term Goal
  • 3 Year Key Thrusts
  • Financial Targets

Week 4: Creating Execution Rhythm
  • Quarterly Rocks
  • Metrics
  • Meeting Rhythms