Do you sometimes feel that you are not good enough?

“So far I have been a great CEO, but I am not sure that I am the best person to take my company to the next level,” confided this CEO of a fast-growing company. It looked like his recipe for success didn’t work anymore. He felt stuck, overwhelmed, and doubted his ability to improve the situation.

Sounds familiar?

Who are the A-players you can rely on?

Questions are often more powerful than statements, because they teach people to think. However many CEOs make the same mistake: When someone asks for help or struggles, they simply give them the answer. What can you do about it?

Are you a genius or a genius maker?

“I have smart people but I underutilize their potential,” the CEO confessed. “I feel like I am the #1 bottleneck in my organization.”

My client was right: she was a genius with a thousand helpers, and she needed to become a genius maker in order to accelerate her business growth. Some leaders are great at amplifying the intelligence of others. What do they do differently?

Stop doing other people’s jobs!

Many CEOs and business leaders do other people’s jobs. Because they want to help, because they don’t trust their teams to do it exactly when/how they want it done, because it is faster, or for whatever other reason. This has a number of negative consequences. What can you do about it?

Five tips to increase your team’s accountability

“My company has lots of potential, but I just feel my employees are not engaged. If I don’t push, nothing seems to happen. I’m working night and day and we’re still missing 40% of our targets. I once dreamed of being a firefighter, I guess that dream has come true. All I do is put out fires, I have no time to focus on my business.”

Sound familiar?